Protecting Your Employees: Active Shooter Survival Training

The review of Active Shooter incidents at malls, manufacturing facilities, healthcare, offices, houses of worship, colleges, schools and public settings have suggested preventive activities to increase employee and stakeholder survival. This training will focus on helping organizations to understand “best practices” and to develop strategies to prepare for, train to survive, and recover from active shooter and workplace violence incidents.

This program is designed to encourage participants to understand vulnerabilities to violent threats, litigation exposures and strategies to review and enhance their existing health and safety program’s capabilities and preparedness. Defensive and personal survival options and strategies will be suggested.

Tactical survival techniques and choices will be analyzed using videos of shooting incidents.

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There is no fee to attend this program. This program is supported in part by a CET Grant from MIOSHA.

MCSA Works to Move Legislation

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MCSA President Dale White, MCSA Legislative Chair Don Grant and Senator Booher testify before the Senate regulatory Reform Committee on MCSA’s requested legislation Senate Bills 983  through Senate Bill 986

Presently the rules affecting the Private Security Business industry under PA-330 are outdated and seriously flawed with respect to public safety, public trust, and the duties that security guards and security guard agencies are employed to perform.

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