Membership Payments

It is critical to have an industry association to speak with an organized, cohesive voice. Today’s world moves quickly and technology, while efficient, creates a very fast pace to maintain. Your membership and participation is extremely important. MCSA only exists because of the care and support of its members.  Your continued membership assures that we remain a relevant voice within and beyond Michigan.

Type of Membership

Associate – Does not hold office, does not vote, may serve on a committee (employees of licensees).
$100.00 Annual Dues *Associate membership does not qualify for the MCSA Insurance Program*

Individual – May hold office, holds one vote, may serve on a committee (licensee, employee of licensee).
$125.00 Annual Dues

Agency – Entitles agency to 2 paid memberships with full voting/office rights. Members must be designated on application.
$250.00 Annual Dues

Vendor – Non-exclusive, non-voting membership for businesses and organizations who market to the security industry. Insurance Agencies, Uniform Suppliers, Payroll Processors, Attorneys, etc.
$250.00 Annual Dues

Membership dues may be paid online with pay pal or mail your check (payable to MCSA) to:
235 N. Pine St.
Lansing, Michigan 48933
Fax to 517-372-1501